Crossbow Broadheads

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Welcome to our roundup of the top crossbow broadheads on the market! In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of crossbow hunting and exploring the best broadheads available for hunters. We’ve conducted thorough research and compiled a list of the most sought-after options, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when shopping for your next crossbow broadhead.

The Top 20 Best Crossbow Broadheads

  1. Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead: High-Performance Hunting Accessory — Introducing the Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead, a superior fixed-blade design with hardened steel components, razor-sharp stainless blades, and a locking ring tip for unparalleled performance and durability.
  2. Powerful Bone Crusher Broadheads — 100 Grain Aluminum and Teflon Fixed Blade — Bone Crushing Precision: The HME Broadhead 100 Grain offers an unyielding performance with its aluminum ferrule, Teflon coated blade, and hardened steel tip, delivering a devastating entry wound and powerful impact upon strike.
  3. Extreme Broadhead for High-Velocity Bows and Crossbows — Experience flawless precision and higher kinetic energy with Dead Ringer’s Super Freak Extreme 2 blade, expandable broadhead, designed to excel on crossbows and heavy-angled shots.
  4. Rugged, High-Performance Bone Crusher Broadheads — Experience maximum force and versatility with the Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads — a must-have accessory for any hunting gear collection!
  5. High-Performance Annihilator Broadheads for Enhanced Hunting Efficiency — Unleash unbeatable accuracy, toughness, and superior retention with Annihilator Broadheads, the revolutionary USA-made choice for game hunters.
  6. Afflictor K2 Hybrid Broadhead — Durable and Versatile Hunting Accessory — The Afflictor K2 Hybrid Broadhead is a solid choice for hunters seeking precision and durability, with its patented Drive Key technology and a cutting diameter of 1 3/4".
  7. Annihilator Broadheads: High-Performance Hunting Broadheads Made in the USA — Introducing the Annihilator Broadheads — the ultimate choice for bow or crossbow hunters, featuring supreme durability, optimal cutting surface area, and superior accuracy.
  8. High-Performance Broadhead for Elk Hunting — Super durable and strong tip design — find your prey with ease, thanks to the Meat Seeker’s devastatingly sharp and lethal .035 blades.
  9. High-Performance Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads for Accurate Shots — Unleash precision with the SK2 CB broadhead, designed for crossbows, featuring patented Offset Blade Design, Lifelore Technology, and a 3.625 cutting surface. Perfect for hunters seeking field-point accuracy and unmatched impact performance.
  10. Sik SK2 Broadheads: Durable 2-Blade Mechanical Expanding Design for Elk Hunting — Sik SK2 Broadheads offer exceptional performance and durability with offset blades and stainless-steel construction, making them the go-to choice for bowhunters looking to take down Elk with ease.
  11. F3 Broadheads for Hunting and Tactical Use — Sik F3 100 Grain Broadheads 3 Pk: Powerful, precision-designed, and engineered for optimal tracking- perfect for Elk hunting.
  12. Accurate Hunting Broadheads for Elk and Deer — Get ready to hit your mark with the most accurate fixed blade broadhead on the market, the SIK F4 100 Grain Elk Hunting Broadheads, featuring four laser-welded stainless steel blades and unparalleled cutting diameter and surface.
  13. Accurate Fixed-Blade Crossbow Broadhead — Sik F4CB with 4-Blade Stainless Steel Design — Revolutionize your hunting experience with the Sik F4CB Crossbow Broadheads, featuring razor-sharp, laser-welded stainless steel blades for unmatched accuracy and strength.
  14. High-Accuracy Broadheads for Hunter’s Needs — The Ramcat 100gr Broadheads — 3 Pack offer exceptional field point accuracy, unparalleled quietness during flight, and impressive penetration due to the patented deep lobes in cutting tip design.
  15. Affordable 3-Inch Bone Saw Broadheads for Hunting — Experience unmatched bone cutting power with Cold Steel’s Cheap Shot Bone Saw Broadheads, featuring precise 125 grain plain edge construction and durable polymer and stainless steel design.
  16. Premium Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads: Bone-Crushing Performance and Easy Resharpening — Mighty ONE Crossbow Broadheads by Muzzy, available in 100 or 125 grain with enhanced accuracy, precision, and dependability, perfect for any bowhunter’s needs.
  17. Swhacker Crossbow Broadhead with Compact Design and Razorsharp Edges — The Swhacker Crossbow 150 Gr 3 in Broadheads 3 Pack offers unparalleled cutting power with its two razor-sharp cutting edge sets, making it the perfect choice for hunters seeking the ultimate broadhead experience.
  18. Heavy Duty Bone Crushing Broadhead for Crossbow — Unleash precision and power with the Muzzie Trocar HBX 100gr Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead, featuring surgically sharp stainless steel blades, an expandable cutting diameter, and a bone-crushing chisel tip in a standard or crossbow model.
  19. Evolution of Lethal Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads — Stryke Vapor Broadheads: Lethal, Lifelike, and Accurate Performance — Ideal for Takedowns with Bows or Crossbows
  20. High-Performance Crossbow Broadheads — 100 Grain 4-Blade Set — The Tooth of The Arrow 100 Grain 1" 4 Blade 3 Pack Broadhead offers durable precision for unmatched accuracy in outdoor recreation activities with its CNC machined, single piece design and 45-degree angle edges.

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Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead: High-Performance Hunting Accessory


When I decided to give the Velox CX Terminus Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead a try, I was intrigued by the claims that it could enhance the impact strength and shearing strength. The 125-grain weight and 1 3/8-inch cutting diameter certainly made it an enticing choice.

As soon as I took it out of the packaging, I noticed the durable aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and razor-sharp stainless-steel blades. The steel on steel locking system provided a secure feeling, and the hardened carbon chisel style tip added to the overall durability of the product.

During my first hunting session, I was impressed by the broadhead’s performance. The broadhead cut through the target with ease, leaving no doubt about its effectiveness. The. 032-inch stainless-steel blades, paired with the hardened steel chisel tip, made a devastating combination.

However, there were a few drawbacks I encountered. The CX Terminus broadhead required more maintenance compared to some of its counterparts. Despite being made from stainless steel, it was prone to rusting if not cleaned properly. Furthermore, the 125-grain weight made it a bit challenging for some crossbows to handle.

In conclusion, the Velox CX Terminus Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead might not be the perfect fit for everyone, but it certainly has its own advantages. Its impact strength and razor-sharp blades are undoubtedly worth considering, but potential buyers should be aware of the maintenance and compatibility issues they might encounter.

Powerful Bone Crusher Broadheads — 100 Grain Aluminum and Teflon Fixed Blade


I recently gave the HME Fixed Blade Broadheads a try during my latest hunting trip, and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. These bone crusher broadheads are made with an aluminum ferrule and coated with Teflon, giving them a sleek and durable finish. The blades are a perfect 1–3/16 inches, allowing for precise and effective penetration into the target.

The three-blade design is a game-changer. It’s replaceable, so you won’t have to purchase a new set every time you go hunting. And the hardened steel tip ensures a powerful impact when you strike your target, providing better accuracy and lethality. However, while these broadheads are great for hunting, they might be a bit overkill for casual targets at the ranges.

Extreme Broadhead for High-Velocity Bows and Crossbows


As someone who enjoys spending time in the wilderness, I was excited to try out the Super Freak Extreme broadheads. The first thing I noticed was the sleek design of the product. It looked like it would be effective and easy to use.

When I finally got to the bow range, I loaded my crossbow and took aim. Unfortunately, during my first shot, the broadhead did not expand as expected. I was left with a bent tip and had to replace the blades. It was quite a frustrating experience, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

The cutting diameter of 2 3/4" seemed promising, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. The SBT blade retention system and machined flex collar blade retention were supposed to enhance accuracy and provide a smooth shooting experience, but they didn’t quite deliver the quality I was searching for. The steel trocar tip was also disappointing, failing to penetrate my target effectively.

Overall, the Super Freak Extreme broadhead disappointed me. The poor blade retention, ineffective cutting diameter, and lack of accuracy made it a letdown during my hunting expedition. I don’t think I’ll be trying this product again anytime soon.

Rugged, High-Performance Bone Crusher Broadheads


I recently had the chance to try out these Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads 3 Pack, and let me tell you, they lived up to their name. The variable fixed/mechanical hybrid head was a game-changer — it allowed me to choose between a fixed blade for practice and a hybrid blade for hunting. The patented SBT blade-retention system was a breeze to use, making the switch between the two different blade styles a seamless experience.

What truly impressed me was the durability of these broadheads. The T-6 aluminum ferrules and case-hardened stainless steel Trocar tips ensured that they held up well during my shooting sessions. But, the best part was when I finally got the chance to test them out on a hunting trip. The massive exit wounds, created by the broadheads, proved to be an absolute bone crusher. I truly appreciated the flight-perfect and deadly sharp nature of these bad boys.

While there were no significant downsides to these broadheads that I encountered, I did notice that they were slightly heavier than my usual target points. However, this didn’t seem to affect their accuracy in the slightest.

Overall, the Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads 3 Pack proved to be an excellent investment for any hunter looking for a reliable and lethal set of broadheads. The combination of convenience, durability, and deadly efficiency made these broadheads a must-have in my hunting gear.

High-Performance Annihilator Broadheads for Enhanced Hunting Efficiency


I recently tried out the Annihilator Broadheads, and I must say, they’re quite impressive. One of the first things I noticed is how durable they are. The 4140 alloy steel used in their construction is hardened to Rockwell RC: 52, providing excellent edge retention and insane durability.

These broadheads are also incredibly easy to field sharpen flat on a stone and ready for reuse. I appreciate the engineering that allows them to fly just like field points, ensuring accuracy and consistency in my shots. And the fact that they’re designed and manufactured in the USA is a nice touch.

However, I did encounter a minor issue with the initial sharpness of the broadheads. On the other hand, a quick touch-up with some sandpaper and a leather strop had them razor-sharp in no time. Despite the minor inconvenience, the performance and quality of the Annihilator Broadheads far outweigh this small setback.

Afflictor K2 Hybrid Broadhead — Durable and Versatile Hunting Accessory


I recently gave the Afflictor K2 Hybrid Broadheads a try, and I must say, I was quite impressed with their performance. The low-profile expandable design, coupled with the 5/8" in-flight diameter and 1 3/4" cutting diameter, made for a clean and effective shot.

One of the standout features for me was the patented Drive Key technology. It perfectly locked the blades in place, ensuring a consistent and secure flight. The combination of the 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum ferrule and stainless steel blades made for a durable and reliable broadhead that performed flawlessly in all my hunting scenarios.

While the broadhead worked great on a variety of game and out of different bows and crossbows, I did notice that it might be somewhat on the heavier side for some users. The 100-grain weight might not be for everyone, but it definitely gave me the precision and power I needed for my hunting needs.

Overall, the Afflictor K2 Hybrid Broadheads exceeded my expectations, providing a reliable and effective solution for my hunting adventures.

Annihilator Broadheads: High-Performance Hunting Broadheads Made in the USA


I recently got the chance to try out the Annihilator Broadheads, and I must say, they’ve been quite the experience. These bad boys are designed to be durable, with 4140 alloy steel hardened to Rockwell RC: 52 for superior edge retention and insane durability. They’re also designed and manufactured in the USA, which is a bonus for those of us who support local businesses.

One feature that stood out to me was their ability to be field sharpened flat on a stone and reused. This is a game-changer for me, as I’m always looking for ways to cut down on expenses. It’s also nice to know that I won’t have to replace my broadheads after every use, as they can be sharpened and used again.

However, there are a couple of things that I didn’t love about the Annihilator Broadheads. First, they’re only available in a 100-grain size, which might not be ideal for everyone. Second, while they’re designed to pass through animals, I noticed that they didn’t leave a very noticeable blood trail in some instances. This made tracking a bit more difficult than it should have been.

Overall, the Annihilator Broadheads are a solid choice for hunters looking for a reliable and durable option. While there are a few minor drawbacks, the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my book. I’d definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re in the market for some new broadheads. Happy hunting!

High-Performance Broadhead for Elk Hunting


I’ve had my fair share of hunting experiences, but nothing quite compares to the thrill of using the Rocket Meat Seeker broadheads. This deadly duo is the perfect weapon for any bowhunter, providing a devastatingly sharp and lethal. 035 blade that cuts through anything. The large 2" cutting diameter and 3.09" cutting surface area ensure a swift and efficient kill, while the piston cylinder behind the tip guarantees complete deployment.

What I loved most about these broadheads is their unique rotating head design, which provides deep penetration and leaves a massive hole in the target. With the Rocket Meat Seeker, you can count on 100% accuracy and precision, making it the ultimate choice for any hunting situation. And let me tell you, the results speak for themselves.

However, nothing is perfect, and I did encounter a few minor drawbacks. The broadheads can be quite heavy, weighing in at 0.2 lb, which can affect the arrow’s flight and accuracy. Additionally, replacement blades are a bit hard to come by, which can be inconvenient for those who need a quick fix.

In conclusion, the Rocket Meat Seeker broadheads are an excellent choice for any hunter seeking a reliable and lethal weapon. While there may be a few minor drawbacks, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and I wholeheartedly recommend giving these broadheads a try on your next hunting adventure.

High-Performance Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads for Accurate Shots


I recently had the opportunity to try out the SK2 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads, designed specifically for crossbows. The Lifelore Technology used in these broadheads guarantees that their signature Offset Blade Design will deploy on impact, offering a 2 inch offset entry wound and a 3.625 inch cutting surface. However, the weight, at 0.22 lb, might be a little on the heavy side for some users.

During my hunting expedition, I encountered a mature buck that was standing at about 45 yards away. With these broadheads, I was able to drop the deer right where it stood. The precision and accuracy of these crossbow broadheads truly shone through in this situation.

One of the standout features of the SK2 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads is their FliteLoc Technology, which guarantees that the broadhead will deploy on impact. This technology ensures that the broadhead stays closed in flight and opens up on impact, creating a nasty wound channel.

Despite my positive experience with these broadheads, I do wish they were a little more lightweight. Overall, though, the SK2 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads are a fantastic addition to any crossbow user’s arsenal, providing quick, efficient, and accurate kills.

Sik SK2 Broadheads: Durable 2-Blade Mechanical Expanding Design for Elk Hunting


My foray into the world of expandable broadheads began with the SIK SK2 100 Grain Broadhead. I must say, I was impressed by the technology that guarantees the signature offset blade design would deploy on impact, resulting in massive wounds and a clear blood trail leading to my prey.

Each SIK SK2 broadhead left my game with a 2-inch offset entry wound and a 3.625-inch cutting surface as the blade expanded, causing significant damage to my prey without hindrance from bone or hide. The leading field-point accuracy for bowhunting was evident in the precision and consistency of my shots.

However, there was a downside to this otherwise excellent product. At times, I experienced the blades rattling in their snap holder, which could potentially affect the broadhead’s sharpness and performance. Despite this minor inconvenience, I would still recommend the SIK SK2 2-Blade Expandable Mechanical Broadhead for any hunter in search of an efficient and devastatingly powerful broadhead.

F3 Broadheads for Hunting and Tactical Use


As a hunter eager to bag my prey, I’ve always preferred fixed-blade broadheads for their reliability and performance. That’s why I decided to give the Sik F3 100 Grain Broadheads a try. I had heard great things about their razor-sharp blades and superior accuracy on the market, and I decided to give them a shot. The moment I took them out of the box, I was immediately impressed by their sleek design and robust build. The one-piece all steel ferrule exuded an aura of strength, and the knurled rear locking collar gave me confidence that my broadheads wouldn’t slip out of place during the hunt.

When I took my first few practice shots, I was blown away by the accuracy and gaping cutting diameter they produced. These broadheads were every bit as deadly as their fixed-blade counterparts, and I knew I had made the right choice. The 100-grain weight ensured that they flew smoothly through the air, and I was always confident that I had hit my mark.

However, there was one downside to these broadheads: the availability of replacement blades. While the F3s were durable and reliable, I couldn’t help but worry about what I would do if I lost one out in the field or needed to replace them after a particularly successful hunt.

Overall, I was pleased with the performance and accuracy of the Sik F3 Broadheads. They lived up to their reputation as a reliable and deadly choice for any hunter, and I have no doubt that they will continue to serve me well in the future.

Accurate Hunting Broadheads for Elk and Deer


There’s something about the Sik F4 100 Grain Broadheads that just makes them stand out from the rest. When I first received them, the stainless steel construction and razor-sharp blades immediately caught my eye. I was eager to try them out in the field, and I wasn’t disappointed.

What I truly loved about these broadheads was their accuracy. No matter the shot distance, these bad boys flew straight and true, always hitting my mark. But it wasn’t just their flight path that impressed me; the cutting diameter and surface were also hard-hitting. I was particularly impressed by the exit wound on an elk I killed using one of these broadheads — it was a sight to behold.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The first one was the whistling noise they made as they flew through the air, which was a bit distracting. It didn’t affect their performance, but it’s worth mentioning. The other issue was that they weren’t entirely field-point accurate, which meant I had to do a bit of sight adjusting before I could use them in a real hunting situation. Not a deal-breaker, but worth considering.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I was thoroughly satisfied with the Sik F4 100 Grain Broadheads. They’re undeniably reliable, accurate, and most of all, sharp — exactly what I need when I’m hunting. I’m definitely looking forward to using them more in the future.

Accurate Fixed-Blade Crossbow Broadhead — Sik F4CB with 4-Blade Stainless Steel Design


The Sik F4CB Crossbow Broadheads are known for their accuracy and lethality in the hunting world. I’ve had the pleasure of using these bad boys for a while now, and I must say, I’m quite impressed by their performance.

The four laser-welded stainless steel blades provide a smooth and deadly penetration, making it the perfect choice for hunters. With a cutting diameter of 1.35 inches and a cutting surface of 3.35 inches, these broadheads are more than capable of punching through tough targets. One noticeable advantage is their field-point accuracy, ensuring the arrows hit the target exactly where they’re aimed, saving precious time for hunters.

These broadheads are more than just a tool; they’re a reliable companion on the hunting field.

High-Accuracy Broadheads for Hunter’s Needs


I recently gave the Ramcat 100gr Broadheads a try during my hunting season, and I must say they definitely stood out among other broadheads I’ve used. The most impressive feature of these broadheads was their incredible accuracy in flight; they flew just like field points, making it a breeze to aim at my targets.

One of the unique selling points of these broadheads is their deep lobes in the cutting tip, which creates an air foil that allows them to avoid windplaning. This was a game-changer for me when it came to penetration, as I noticed some of the deepest penetration on the market with these broadheads. Additionally, the offset and stealth blade design made them incredibly strong and resistant to bending, something I certainly appreciated while in the field.

However, they did come with a minor inconvenience: the screws on the blades could be prone to loosening after extended use. It’s a small issue, and one that I was able to remedy by keeping an extra set of screws on hand, but it’s something to be aware of for those who intend to use these broadheads for an extended period of time.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience using the Ramcat 100gr Broadheads. The accuracy, strength, and deep penetration they provide make them an excellent choice for any serious hunter, and I have no doubt that I’ll continue to use them in future hunting seasons.

Affordable 3-Inch Bone Saw Broadheads for Hunting


The Cold Steel Cheap Shot Bone Saw Broadheads make for an interesting addition to my hunting kit. I must say, these 3-inch bone crushers come in a pack of three, which is quite convenient for anyone looking to stock up on the essentials. The broadheads are made of 125-grain, plain edge, a feature that stood out to me as it could potentially bring about more accurate and precise shots.

The polymer and stainless steel construction were a pleasant surprise, showcasing durability and reliability. However, the downside was the product’s ‘Made in China’ label, which didn’t sit right with me. But overall, these Cold Steel broadheads have proven to be a dependable companion during my hunts.

Premium Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads: Bone-Crushing Performance and Easy Resharpening


As a passionate crossbow hunter, I have had the chance to try the Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads, a one-piece marvel created by Muzzy. The solid stainless steel ferrule, along with precision-positioned vents, made the broadhead fly with incredible accuracy, as Muzzy is known for. The three deadly blades provided the perfect penetrating power against tough big game animals.

However, the product did come with a small inconvenience; the blades had machine burring marks on the cutting edge at first. Fortunately, I managed to sharpen them up to razor sharpness on a flat sharpening stone. Despite this minor setback, the one-piece construction was impressive and well-engineered, offering a reliable and hassle-free experience.

In summary, the Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads offer exceptional performance and accuracy, made even better by the dependability of their one-piece design. Although the blades did require a bit of additional care to obtain optimal sharpness, it’s a small price to pay for the incredible results this broadhead delivered in the field.

Swhacker Crossbow Broadhead with Compact Design and Razorsharp Edges


A few months ago, I was out in the woods hunting and I had the chance to try out the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads. Let me tell you, my first impression of these bad boys was nothing short of amazing. The design is sleek and compact, which was perfect for my hunting needs. It’s designed with two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges that can cut through anything, from hide to bones.

One of the features that stood out for me is the compact design. It’s really easy to take with you on your hunts, and it doesn’t take up much space in your gear. The broadheads are available in both 100 and 125 grain, so you can choose the one that suits your specific hunting needs.

While trying out the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads, I had nothing but positive experiences. These broadheads fly true and hit with authority. I’ve seen them open up immediately after hitting game, leaving a devastating exit wound. The blood trails are even better, making tracking a breeze. I’ve never lost a deer with these broadheads, and the wound channel is truly unbelievable.

However, there is one downside I noticed. I had to re-sight when changing from target field points to actual broadheads. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for the effectiveness of these bad boys.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads for anyone looking for a deadly and efficient hunting tool. The combination of accuracy, cutting power, and compact design make these broadheads an ideal choice for any hunter.

Heavy Duty Bone Crushing Broadhead for Crossbow


As a hunting enthusiast, I’ve tried my fair share of broadheads, and the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead from Muzzy stands out among them. These bad boys are designed to fly like a field point and be accurate, which is exactly what you want when you’re aiming for a deer or wild boar. The surgically sharp stainless steel mechanical blades stay tucked in tight to the solid-steel ferrule in flight, but they deploy reliably with an expandable cutting diameter.

The offset fixed blades on this crossbow broadhead are something else. They’re 0.035-inch thick, and the cutting diameter is 1 inch. The offset feature allows for increased accuracy and stability, which is crucial when you’re aiming for a moving target. I found that these broadheads are excellent for hunting in various terrains, including wooded areas and open fields.

One thing that stands out is the steel ferrule with a chisel tip. It’s bone-crushing, which is just what you need when you’re going for the bone-crushing kill. The cutting diameter is impressive, too, with a total of 2 5/8 inches. The crossbow model is perfect for those who use crossbows, and the standard model is great for those who prefer compound bows.

But no product is perfect, and the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead has its downsides as well. Some users have reported issues with the expanding blades not opening as expected, which can be frustrating when you’re in the heat of the moment. Also, the blades seem to get dull quickly, which means you’ll have to sharpen them often.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead to anyone looking for a reliable, accurate, and bone-crushing broadhead for their hunting expeditions. It’s a product that has proven its worth in my own hunting experiences, and I’m confident it will do the same for others.

Evolution of Lethal Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads


The Stryke Vapor Rear Deploying Broadheads are the perfect addition to any archer’s quiver. They’re lightweight without sacrificing strength, making them easy to handle during intense hunting sessions. One of the first things I noticed about these broadheads was their Slide and Slice design, which creates a cutting diameter of two inches. This feature makes tracking your prey much easier, leaving a more noticeable blood trail that’s easier to follow.

Another great feature is the pack’s inclusion of six O-rings that are designed to lock the blades into place. This ensures that your arrow accuracy won’t be compromised while these broadheads are in flight. However, the only downside is the rapid consumption of these O-rings; you’ll need to keep a spare set handy.

Overall, the Stryke Vapor Broadheads are a powerful and well-designed tool for use in hunting or any archery competition. They work like an extension of your hunting prowess, delivering swift, deadly accuracy and tracking capabilities. It’s no wonder they’re the weapon of choice for many expert archers.

High-Performance Crossbow Broadheads — 100 Grain 4-Blade Set


Imagine you’re on a hunting trip, armed with the perfect broadhead. You’ve tested it, tweaked its flight path, and finally succeeded in a beautiful, humane kill. The product in question is the Tooth of The Arrow 100 Grain 1" 4 Blade 3 Pack Broadhead.

It’s not often that a product can claim the top spot in a hunter’s arsenal, but this broadhead certainly has that distinction. The precision cuts it delivers are unmatched, and its ability to pierce through the sturdiest of targets showcases its strength. The chisel point design only adds to its reliability and sharpness.

What’s unique about this product is that all four blades are identical, meaning no two blades are the same, ensuring precision in every strike. The 45-degree angle on the cutting edges adds an extra edge to the already formidable design. Made of one piece and CNC machined, it’s durable and built to last a lifetime.

These broadheads are American-made, and come bundled in a variety of weights, making it custom to personal preference. The black oxide plating only adds to its sleek, sharp look.

There might be a few hiccups, though. The vented version does seem to shoot a bit louder than field points. But for many, this isn’t a deal-breaker. The louder sound may be a consequence of its superior precision, which is a trade-off many hunters are willing to make for accurate strikes.

In conclusion, the Tooth of The Arrow 100 Grain 1" 4 Blade 3 Pack Broadhead stands out in a crowded market due to its unrivaled precision, remarkable strength, and US-made quality. This is one broadhead that isn’t just a tool, but a reliable companion on your hunting expeditions.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for Crossbow Broadheads! This section will provide you with essential information on features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing crossbow broadheads. Remember, the purpose is to ensure you’re selecting the right product for your needs, not to influence your choice in any particular direction.


Important Features to Consider

When purchasing crossbow broadheads, the following features should be considered to ensure their suitability for your needs. While there are many options on the market, paying attention to these characteristics can help you narrow down your choices and find the best product for your specific requirements.


The material of the broadhead is a crucial factor in its performance. Common materials include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Steel broadheads tend to be more affordable but may require sharpening more frequently due to their brittleness. Stainless steel and aluminum are more durable and can withstand sharpening multiple times, making them a better investment in the long run.



The weight of the broadhead can affect its flight path, penetration, and overall accuracy. Common weights range from 100 to 300 grains. Generally, heavier broadheads offer better penetration and may be more suitable for larger game. However, they can also affect the crossbow’s velocity and may require adjustments to achieve optimal accuracy.


Crossbow broadheads come in various designs, including fixed-blade, replaceable-blade, or expandable designs. Fixed-blade broadheads are reliable and offer consistent performance, while replaceable-blade broadheads can be more cost-effective in the long run. Expandable broadheads, on the other hand, can provide a larger wound channel and increased stopping power, making them a popular choice among hunters. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a design.



What are crossbow broadheads?

Crossbow broadheads are the blades or cutting edges that are attached to arrows or bolts used in crossbows. They are designed to penetrate and pierce the target with maximum efficiency and precision. Broadheads come in various shapes and sizes to suit different hunting and shooting scenarios, and they are an essential component of any crossbow setup.

There are two main types of crossbow broadheads: fixed-blade broadheads and expandable broadheads. Fixed-blade broadheads have a solid blade that does not change in size upon impact, while expandable broadheads have a mechanical tip that opens up upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and increasing the chances of a clean kill.


What factors should I consider when choosing a crossbow broadhead?

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right crossbow broadhead for your needs. Firstly, consider the game you will be hunting or the target you will be shooting at. Different broadheads are designed for different types of game, such as deer, elk, or turkey, and their performance may vary depending on the situation.

Another factor to consider is the crossbow’s velocity and energy. High-velocity crossbows require broadheads with better penetration capabilities to ensure accurate and deadly shots. On the other hand, low-velocity crossbows may require expandable broadheads to increase the wound channel and improve the chances of a clean kill.

What are some popular brands of crossbow broadheads?

There are several well-known brands of crossbow broadheads that are popular among hunters and shooters. Some of the most popular brands include: G5 Outdoors, Excalibur, Carbon Express, Barnett, Gold Tip, and Nockturnal. These brands offer a wide range of broadhead styles, such as fixed-blade, expandable, and hybrid broadheads, to suit different hunting and shooting needs.

It is essential to research each brand and model to ensure that the broadhead meets your hunting or shooting requirements and provides the desired level of accuracy and penetration. Additionally, reading reviews and customer testimonials can help you make an informed decision and choose the best broadhead for your needs.


Do I need to purchase a specific type of crossbow arrow to use with crossbow broadheads?

Yes, you need to use the appropriate crossbow arrows and bolts when using crossbow broadheads. Crossbow arrows are designed to work optimally with specific types of broadheads, and using the wrong type of arrow can lead to poor accuracy and reduced performance. Most broadhead manufacturers provide recommendations on the types of arrows that are compatible with their products.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the crossbow arrow and broadhead are matched correctly for the crossbow’s velocity and energy. Using an arrow that is too light or too heavy can affect the broadhead’s flight and penetration capabilities, making it less effective in the field or on the range.

What is the best way to maintain and clean my crossbow broadheads?

Proper maintenance and cleaning of crossbow broadheads are crucial to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. After each use, inspect the broadheads for signs of damage, such as bent or chipped blades, and replace them if necessary. It is also essential to clean the broadheads thoroughly to remove any residue, such as blood or dirt, that may affect their performance.

To clean the broadheads, you can use a mild detergent and warm water to remove any debris. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water, then allow them to air dry completely. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean the broadheads, as this may damage the blades and reduce their sharpness.

How many broadheads should I use per crossbow arrow?

The number of broadheads you should use per crossbow arrow depends on several factors, such as the crossbow’s velocity, the game you are hunting, and your personal shooting style. Generally, it is recommended to use 2 to 4 broadheads per crossbow arrow for hunting purposes, as this provides a better balance between penetration and wound channel size.

For target shooting or practice, using 1 to 2 broadheads per arrow may be sufficient. However, it is essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific model of broadhead you are using. Additionally, you may want to consider the arrow’s weight and stiffness, as well as your shooting technique, when determining the optimal number of broadheads to use.